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Personal Vision Tracker

Test your vision

No appointment. No hassle.
Just you, EyeQue, and your smartphone.

Top Four Reasons to Get Yours Now

EyeQue miniscope and smartphone app


In-home refraction measurements that can be used to order corrective glasses– similar to the measurements gathered at the doctor’s office.


Convenient, fun and fully mobile. You decide when and where to take a simple, quick and fun vision test.


For less than date-night at the movies, you can have your own personal vision tracker, putting vision testing directly into your hands.


Become knowledgeable and proactive about your eyes through your personal online dashboard – track your vision history, find helpful tips and insights, and more.

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker does not provide a prescription.

EyeQue provides users with a refractive tool which, when operated correctly, measures the user’s refractive correction. Results can be used to determine if corrective eyewear would be beneficial. Personal testing does not replace the need for regular eye health exams provided by an eye doctor.