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EyeQue at-home vision solutions enable eye doctors to take the lead in two dominant healthcare trends today: telemedicine and patient self-care. EyeQue’s core technology was developed at MIT and is patent protected. EyeQue engineers devoted years to enhancing and perfecting the system.

We work with eye doctors and other doctors such as primary care physicians to assist in providing the best patient care available. We are committed to helping you grow your practice.

How to Include EyeQue
in Your Practice

Whether you’re an optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist, surgeon or other type of health professional, EyeQue helps you build your practice, provide better patient care and improve patient retention:

  • Deepen engagement with your patients by staying current on their vision between visits or after surgery, and enhance patient loyalty.

  • Identify potential vision problems early, and create more effective treatment plans.

  • Understand your patient’s vision before an appointment, so you can focus on eye health during the exam and see more patients.

  • Manage your patient relationships more efficiently, improve patient retention and grow your practice.

Four Easy Steps to EyeQue

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Infographic Image
Meet with Your Patient

Hold an in-person appointment to conduct an eye exam.

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Suggest an EyeQue Solution

Recommend the EyeQue product(s) to address your patient's needs.

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Patient Tests Their Eyes

Patient follows easy instructions, tests their eyes, shares results with their doctor.

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Recommend Next Steps

Hold a remote appointment, update a treatment plan, refer to a specialist, and more.

Innovation for the Eye Care Professional

Meet EyeQue Remote Vision Care Products

EyeQue at-home vision testing includes two products:

EyeQue Insight
EyeQue Insight


EyeQue Insight allows patients to test their distance vision, check their prescriptions, test contrast sensitivity and test for color deficiency – all in about a minute. It helps patients know when it’s time to visit their eye doctor.

EyeQue VisionCheck
EyeQue VisionCheck


EyeQue VisionCheck helps patients determine their refractive error, generates EyeGlass Numbers® from which you can write prescriptions, stores patient data in the cloud so you can access it anytime, and lets patients track their vision over time.

What the Experts Say

Enable More Efficient Use of Limited Resources

“The smartphone-coupled device demonstrates clinically acceptable accuracy with a two-letter discrepancy, on average, when compared with standard chart-based vision testing. The technology may enable more efficient use of limited clinical resources.”

James McKelvie, MD, PhD
University of Auckland
Waikato District Health Board
Excellent EyeQue Test

“EyeQue’s hand-held, at-home eye testing tools make refraction and screening tests for visual acuity, color and contrast accessible to everyone, anywhere. The FDA Class 1-registered EyeQue devices... revolutionizing the eyecare industry.”

Sneha Maria, PhD
Senior Research Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
Simply the Best

“Eschenbach relies on EyeQue, and its solutions like the Insight, because the company’s products are simply the best available and help our clinical customers collect important information about their patients remotely so they can provide care to a population that would otherwise go unserved.”

Ken Bradley
President & CEO
Eschenbach Optik
of America, Inc.

Backed by a Team of Medical Professionals

In order to provide the best experience for the optometric and ophthalmic community, EyeQue created our Medical Advisory Board comprising of esteemed ophthalmologists to provide their insight and knowledge to better support the medical community.

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