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Suffering from blurry vision but on a budget?

EyeQue at-home vision testing products are made to be shared at no additional cost. Help everyone in your family see well for a one-time investment.

Have poor vision and want a more personal experience?

EyeQue VisionCheck lets you conduct vision testing with accurate, personalized numbers to order glasses online, starting at $89. Add Try-On Glasses to experience your test results for $19.

Need an all-in-one vision wellness solution?

EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit provides a suite of vision tests so you can test your eyes and the accuracy of current glasses and contacts, and track vision changes over time.

EyeQue at-home vision testing does not replace regular visits to an eye doctor. EyeQue devices do not check for the presence of diseases such as glaucoma, retinopathy, or macular degeneration, nor do they provide any form of eye health exam. We encourage everyone to see an eye doctor regularly to test for the presence of eye disease. Learn more about what goes on during an eye exam and why you shouldn’t skip your annual visits.

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Choose Your Option

Choose the EyeQue solution that best fits your needs.

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Get the App

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the app to your smartphone.

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Test Your Vision

Test your vision and get EyeGlass Numbers®or a prescription.

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Order Glasses or Contacts

Order glasses or contacts and start seeing better.

What Our Customers Say


“I am a retired Ophthalmologist and I know glasses inside and out. My trial pair were spot-on and perfect!! The frame was simple but good quality and the lenses themselves were flawless….5 BIG STARS!”

James Knapp, MD
Excellent EyeQue Test

“The EyeQue test was amazing. And when I received my eye glasses I couldn't believe how clear and sharp everything appears. It saved me the trouble of going to the eye doctor because I am disabled. Thank you EyeQue!”

Dan Haniff
EyeGlass Numbers Were Accurate

“EyeGlass numbers were accurate, easy to use once you get the hang of it. I'd definitely do a solid amount of tests, and not all at once, if you're using them to check your eyes before ordering new glasses. Satisfied with my purchase.”

Brittney Watts-Brown
Does Exactly What Its Name Implies

“The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker does exactly what its name implies. It accurately measured my refractive status (EyeGlass Numbers) after I learned how to best use the device. The tutorials were very helpful and improved my test scores significantly! I think the Personal Vision Tracker is a great way to check for vision changes in the comfort of your home.”

Careen Caputo, OD
Two More Lines!

“My EyeQue lets me see two more lines on the eye chart than the prescription I recently obtained from my optometrist.”

Ted J.
This is a Cool Invention

“A dirty secret about the eye glass industry is how loose the tolerances are in the lenses and in the measuring of your eye. I hope that a system like this will soon make eye measurements much more consumer friendly.”

Peter Z.

The Importance of Regular
Eye Exams

Testing with EyeQue does not replace an eye health exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Learn more about what goes on during an eye exam and why you shouldn’t skip your regular visits.

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Learn More About Your Vision

More than 80% of our perception, cognition and learning comes from vision. Take a few minutes to learn more about taking care of your vision.

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