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Getting Started with the Personal Vision Tracker

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Learn how to take your refractive error tests.

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Product Manual

Personal Vision Tracker Model EQ101


Personal Vision Tracker FAQs

What are the limits of the PVT?
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While the Personal Vision Tracker can measure the refractive error of your eyes, there is a limitation to what range it can measure. Users who have a spherical measurement of +8.00D to -10.00D are within the limitations of the PVT..... More

Why do I keep getting an "Oops" message when I open the EyeQue PVT app?

There are a 3 main reasons that you might be experiencing this message on your device: 1. You may be unable to connect to the EyeQue Cloud: If you have limited, interrupted or no internet access you may not be.... More

Can I perform tests with the EyeQue miniscope with a tablet, laptop or desktop computer?

The EyeQue miniscope is designed to work specifically with a smartphone. The latest list of supported smartphones and operating systems can always be found on our product page. EyeQue continues to test and calibrate the software to support the ever-growing.... More

Is the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker approved by the FDA?

The EyeQue PVT is registered with the US FDA as a Class 1 medical device with a 510K exemption. The components of the PVT are the miniscope and the EyeQue PVT app. The PVT also is RoHS and CE certified. More

What is the EyeQue miniscope?

The EyeQue miniscope (EQ101) is a small optical device that attaches to your smartphone screen. Used in combination with the EyeQue PVT app, you can take EyeQue vision tests to estimate your refractive error. More

What smartphones are supported by the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker?
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The smartphones on the following list have all been tested by EyeQue. If you have a smartphone on this list, it will automatically be compatible: If your smartphone is not on this list, don’t fret! Android devices come in all.... More

What is refractive error?

Refractive error, also known as refraction error, is a problem with focusing of light on the retina due to the shape of the eye. It generally error occurs when the eye cannot focus images on the retina; the focus occurs.... More

How do I know if my test results are accurate?

After each completed vision test in Full Test mode, your results will be uploaded and evaluated through EyeQue’s powerful analytics contained in the EyeQue Cloud. The EyeQue Cloud will calculate a result score based on procedural consistency. Each test result.... More

What does the confidence level mean?

After you have generated your EyeGlass Numbers you will also see a confidence score. This score ranges from poor to high. This confidence score is based on the precision of the test results. Click here to get more details and.... More

Getting Started with the VisionCheck

Product Manual

EyeQue VisionCheck Model EQ102

VisionCheck Tutorial: Getting the Lines To Move
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Tips and Tricks for VisionCheck
VisionCheck Tutorial for App Version 1.x


Is VisionCheck a replacement for a visit to the eye doctor?

VisionCheck does not replace the need to see your eye doctor.  Eye care professionals conduct comprehensive eye health exams that consist of a wide range of tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and other conditions. VisionCheck only measures refractive error, which is.... More

Does VisionCheck detect or diagnose eye health conditions?

Serious eye health conditions such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy cannot be diagnosed by the VisionCheck. We highly recommend visiting your eye doctor for eye exams regularly for the detection and treatment of eye health conditions.

How accurate are the results produced by VisionCheck?

VisionCheck is a self-administered test so results vary based on your ability to take consistent, precise tests. VisionCheck is an optical device powered by MIT patented technology that measures and provides EyeGlass Numbers; the corrective power for: Spherical (nearsightedness, farsightedness).... More

What can I do with my VisionCheck results?

With VisionCheck you can: Test your vision in real time Track your vision over time Share your results with anyone via email Order glasses (single vision, ) from select online retailers using your EyeGlass Numbers. Measure your pupillary distance via.... More

How will I know if I’m using VisionCheck correctly?

VisionCheck requires you to complete three full tests to set a baseline for your results. Once all three tests are completed, your results dashboard in the VisionCheck app will give you feedback on your test performance. For example, if your.... More

Is VisionCheck safe for my eyes?

The VisionCheck is non-invasive and completely safe to use. The VisionCheck device is attached to your smartphone screen and uses the light emitted from it. With several optic lenses inside the device, only a small fraction of the light from.... More

Will VisionCheck work for people who are colorblind?

The answer depends on the type and the severity of colorblindness. While EyeQue does not recommend the VisionCheck to people who are colorblind, many people have been able to use the VisionCheck successfully, as they were able to identify the.... More

Can anyone use the VisionCheck?

VisionCheck is best for people that are 18 years of age or older and interested in tracking their vision or buying glasses online. At this moment the VisionCheck does not support those who are under 18, have special eye health.... More

What is the technology behind VisionCheck?

VisionCheck is powered by MIT patented technology called Inverse Shack-Hartmann. The VisionCheck projects images from your smartphone screen through your pupil and onto your retina. Your refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) causes you to see these images in a.... More

What is the return policy for VisionCheck?

Your satisfaction is our highest priority! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all EyeQue products. Please contact our customer support team at for further details. More

Step-by-Step Tutorial Video

Getting started and taking tests with the EyeQue Insight
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EyeQue Insight Plus Product Manual

Learn how to use the Insight and Insight Plus with our step-by-step instructions.


Insight FAQs

How does the Insight work?

The EyeQue Insight uses a combination of the optical goggles and a compatible smartphone to test for visual acuity. After downloading the myEyeQueVA app and activating an account, the user will follow instructions to start visual acuity eye test. After.... More

What can I do with the results of the EyeQue Insight?

The results from the EyeQue Insight will determine the user’s visual acuity. Those users whose results are lower than 20/20 (also represented as 6/6 internationally) vision may imperfect vision, which is a sign for eye conditions such as nearsightedness (myopia).... More

Who is the EyeQue Insight designed for?

The EyeQue Insight is designed for anyone who wants to take an active role in vision health. For adults, the standard Snellen “Tumbling E” eye chart test will help determine their current visual acuity. For children, the gamified version of.... More

How much does the EyeQue Insight Cost?

The EyeQue Insight has an MSRP of $89.99 USD (shipping not included). The EyeQue Insight application is a free download from the Apple App or Google Play Store. More

How long does the Insight Visual Acuity test take?

The visual acuity test varies depending on whether you are taking the kids version of the test or the adult test. Both tests take under about 2 minutes depending on how well you are taking the test. If you are.... More

What is visual acuity?

Visual acuity commonly refers to the clarity and sharpness of a person’s vision. It is dependent on both optical and neural factors: how sharp the focus of the retina in the eye is, how healthy the retina is and how.... More

What are the minimum smartphone requirements to use the EyeQue Insight?

The EyeQue Insight visual acuity screener requires a smartphone with the screen resolution of at least 300 pixel per inch (PPI) and a display screen size of at least 4.7 inches . The EyeQue Insight App supports both iOS or.... More

Why do I need separate family accounts for each family member?

The EyeQue Insight stores all test results to the EyeQue Cloud, our secure cloud data storage and processing server. To ensure the consistency and accuracy of data tracking, a separate account for each user must be established. If separate accounts.... More

I’m not very familiar with the US visual acuity scale; can I change it?

Yes, within the EyeQue Insight app you will be able to change the Visual Acuity scale to match what you are familiar with. To do so, tap on the unit scale button on either the dashboard screen or at the.... More

Is the EyeQue subscription service required to use the EyeQue Insight?

Yes, an EyeQue All Access Membership is required to use the EyeQue Insight. This includes any additional tests that will be released for the device. Once you have created an EyeQue account and registered your EyeQue Insight, you will automatically.... More

PDCheck Tutorial Video

See how easy it is to measure your pupillary distance with PDCheck

PDCheck FAQs

Where can I find the serial number for my PDCheck frames?

You can find the serial number of the EyeQue PDCheck located on the inside of the left temple of the PDCheck Frames.  If you are having issues finding or seeing the serial number, please contact EyeQue customer support at

Are you required to be an All Access Member to use the PDCheck App?

While All Access Members can utilize the PDCheck app, Basic Members can also measure their pupillary distance with the PDCheck.  EyeQue members who use only the PDCheck will never be required to have an All Access Membership.

What are the minimum requirements to use the PDCheck App?

In order to use the PDCheck app with your smartphone you will need to meet the following requirements. Apple iOS Smartphones: iOS 10.X or higher Android Smartphones: Android OS 5.X or higher and 4GB of RAM more

Is the PDCheck App supported on laptops or tablets?

Currently, the EyeQue PDCheck App does not support a laptop computer.  While not specifically designed for use with a tablet, some iOS and Android based tablets may be able to utilize the PDCheck.  EyeQue does not guarantee the results taken....

Can multiple users use the same EyeQue Account for the PDCheck?

Yes, with the PDCheck you can measure the pupillary distance of as many people as you would like.  If you are using your EyeQue account and save the PD results, those results will be saved to your account.  If the....

Can I use the pupillary distance measurement I obtain from the PDCheck with a VR headset?

Yes, having your correct PD is the easiest way to avoid having headaches while using a VR headset. With the PDCheck you can get easily get an accurate PD measurement in seconds.

Why is the PDCheck App asking me to change my zoom setting?

For those using the iOS version of the PDCheck App, the iPhone display must be in standard mode rather than in zoom mode.  If you have your iPhone in Zoom mode you will see the following message: more

Accounts & Membership

What is an EyeQue member?

An EyeQue member is anyone with an EyeQue account. Currently, all users who create an account with a registered device are considered to be an All Access Member. As of June, 2021 there are no fees associated with becoming or.... More

How much is an EyeQue Membership?

An EyeQue membership is free to all EyeQue users who create an EyeQue account. An EyeQue membership is required to perform the vision screening tests and to measure pupillary distance. You only need a valid email address to create an....

What is the usage policy of an EyeQue Membership?

After February 1st, 2018, an EyeQue Membership is required to test with all EyeQue products.  When you create an EyeQue account, you automatically become a Free Basic EyeQue Member.  With a Membership, you can take tests with any of the.... More

Can multiple users share the same membership?

No. While EyeQue products can be shared with an unlimited number of people, each person must have their own active membership. Other users can use the same serial number (if applicable) to create a new account at no cost to.... More

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