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Personal Vision Tracker

Test Your Eyes

Take a series of fun pixel-powered tests to determine your refraction error and generate your EyeGlass Numbers.

See Results

Our patented EyeQue Cloud technology immediately processes results, returning spherical, cylindrical, and axis figures – the same numbers that make up your eyeglasses prescription.

Order New Glasses

Use the result to order updated prescription glasses from certain online retailers.

Track Your Vision

Your vision records are stored securely in the cloud and are accessible from your EyeQue dashboard – view them anytime from your smartphone or computer.

Components & Requirements



EyeQue Miniscope

Your Smartphone

Annual Subscription

In the Box

EyeQue miniscope, quick start guide, safety band, and storage case.

Product Manual

Click here to download the Personal Vision Tracker product manual, along with a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Internet Connection

Smartphone must be connected to the Internet when conducting a test.

Individual Active Subscription

The Personal Vision Tracker can be shared with many people. An active EyeQue subscription is required for each individual to create accurate records. See details.

Supported Phones

Smartphone must be running Android 4.X or above or iOS 9.3 or above. See if your phone is supported below.

myEyeQue app

Download the free application from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

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Learn how our patented technology and precise engineering are bringing safe, affordable vision tests into your home.