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Create an Account

  • Go to, click on Account.
  • Create a unique account for each person who will share your device.
  • Accounts are FREE and it’s important for each person to use their own account when testing to ensure personalized, accurate results.

Download the VisionCheck App

Visit the App Store or Google Play and be sure to download the free EyeQue app for the VisionCheck.


Take a Test

  • Get acquainted with your VisionCheck using the in-app tutorials and practice tests.
  • Practice makes for better results.
  • Take three full tests to get your first set of EyeGlass Numbers.
  • Use the EyeQue PDCheck (included with VisionCheck) to measure your pupillary distance instantly and store results on your account.

Review Your Results

  • Access your EyeGlass Numbers in-app or by logging into your account at
  • Upload prescriptions received from your doctor to compare and create a complete vision history.
  • Keep your EyeGlass Numbers up to date by taking tests once per month.
  • Use your latest EyeGlass Numbers to order eyeglasses.

Get Yours Now

Test and track your vision from home and order new eyeglasses when you need them.

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