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Buy the Personal Vision Tracker

Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee

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Create an Account and Subscribe

  • Go to eyeque.com, click on Account to create your profile.
  • Your EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker includes a one year free subscription for one individual.
  • Buy additional subscriptions for others who will be using the device. Your subscription can be used with any EyeQue device.
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Download the Free App

Visit the App Store or Google Play and be sure to download the free EyeQue PVT app for the Personal Vision Tracker.

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Take a Test

  • Get acquainted with your Personal Vision Tracker using the in-app tutorials and practice tests.
  • Practice makes for better results.
  • Take three full tests to get your first set of EyeGlass Numbers.
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Review Your Results

  • Access your EyeGlass Numbers in-app or online at eyeque.com.
  • Upload prescriptions received from your doctor to compare and create a complete vision history.
  • Keep your EyeGlass Numbers up to date by taking tests at least once per month.
  • Use your latest EyeGlass Numbers to order eyeglasses.

Get Yours Now

Test and track your vision from home and order new eyeglasses when you need them.

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