We are on a Mission to Bring Safe, Accurate,
Simple and Affordable Eye Care to Everyone

EyeQue believes that clear vision is a right, not a privilege. We develop technologies that let people stay on top of their vision. We encourage everyone to incorporate EyeQue’s safe, affordable, and convenient at-home vision solutions as part of their comprehensive eye health regimen.


In 2015, our founders Dr. John Serri and Tibor Laczay discovered an MIT patented technology that could in principle create a smartphone-powered refraction test rivaling traditional room-sized ophthalmic refractometers. Realizing the global impact of such technological advancements on eye care, they set out to develop optical smartphone attachments and mobile applications that empower people to test their vision from anywhere at any time,including visual acuity and refractive error, simply using their smart phone.

Today the company Business Development and Operations activities are led by Nicole Skibinski, Engineering is led by Dr. Noam Sapiens, and Financial and Administration is led by Kathy Chueh.

Steven Nielsen, renowned patent attorney who worked with EyeQue’s from the beginning and continues supporting intellectual property expansion, joined the board in 2019.

Tibor passed away in November 2021.

  • Tibor Laczay (1947-2021)


  • John A. Serri, PhD

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Noam Sapiens​


  • Nicole Skibinski

    VP of Business Development & Operations

  • Kathy Chueh


  • Steven Nielsen

    Board Member

Medical Advisory Board

EyeQue’s Medical Advisory Board provides guidance on the Company’s services, products, and programs with a particular focus on identifying opportunities for EyeQue to serve and partner with the medical community. It comprises distinguished ophthalmologists and will expand to include additinoal representatives as the Company’s business evolves.

  • Susan Malinowski, MD

    Ophthalmologist based in Michigan, USA

  • James McKelvie, MD, PhD

    Ophthalmologist based in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Daniel Petashnick, MD

    Ophthalmologist based in Connecticut, USA

Innovation Through Collaboration

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, partnerships have emerged as an invaluable strategy for companies of all sizes. Whether it’s a collaborative venture, a strategic alliance, or a co-investment, the power of working hand in hand with another entity cannot be overstated.



Meet our esteemed eyeglass partners, a carefully curated selection of industry-leading brands and manufacturers, providing top-quality eyewear that blends style, comfort, and vision excellence for our valued customers.

Life at EyeQue

We believe clear vision is a right, not a privilege. Empowering a change in the eyecare industry begins with empowering our employees – giving them the tools and support to make a difference. We:

  • Are fiercely honest
  • Are customer obsessed
  • Work hard, play nice and care about the people around us
  • Are committed to maintaining a diverse organization
  • Create personalized training and development programs
  • Provide competitive salaries and benefits
  • Offer a hybrid work schedule with flexible hours

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