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Test Your Distance Vision

Know if you're seeing 20/20 in about a minute

Test Your Prescription

Check how well your glasses or contacts are working. If you aren't seeing 20/20 with them on, it's time to update your Rx.

Track Vision Changes

Monitor vision changes online or through the app and share with your doctor.

Future-proof Binocular Platform

The Insight goggles can be used in the future for additional vision test, enabled through software and application updates.

Are You Seeing 20/20?

Create a profile for each person in the family

Attach the Insight goggles to your smartphone

Test to determine the clarity of distance vision

It’s fun, fast and easy for kids!

Meet Seymour!

We've created an EyeQue Kids area hosted by an animated friend. He'll keep your kids engaged during testing with jokes, tips, and sticker rewards.

The Importance of Regular Screening

Suffering in Silence

Kids often struggle with blurry vision, unable to identify or articulate the issue for themselves effecting their performance in school and at play. Vision problems left uncorrected can lead to worsening vision and eye diseases.

Top Two Causes for Early Onset Myopia

Indoor Lifestyle

We’re outdoors less and indoors more with eyes glued to computers, phones, and tablets.

Genetics Matter

Children born to moms and dads with myopia are several times more likely to develop it than those without myopic parents.

The Sooner the Better

Our eyes develop most between the ages of 6–25, and during younger years, vision changes can occur in a matter of months. The annual visit to the eye doctor is no longer sufficient.

Frequent visual acuity screenings will identify changes in vision that may indicate the development of myopia (nearsightedness).

Early detection and early treatment can dramatically reduce the long-term impact and eye diseases associated with vision impairments – setting kids back on a path for success.

EyeQue Insight
the others

Easy to use

Self-administered, no additional person required

No space requirement

No lighting requirement

Fully mobile: use it anywhere!

Test as frequently as you want

Results in about a minute*

Proven accuracy

Fun to use

Gamified test with animated character

Engaging with rewards

Randomized characters eliminate memorization

Supports 800+ smartphones

Saves your data

Track your data over time

Test reminder notifications


$89.99 + low annual subscription fee

$300 for lightbox and assorted eye charts

Anywhere from free to $19.99

* Results in about a minute or less is typical for right eye, left eye, AND both eyes. Does not include tutorial training session

Components and Requirements

In the Box
The EyeQue Insight goggles (binocular viewer), quick start guide, safety band, and storage bag.

Product Manual
Click here to download the Insight product manual, along with a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Internet Connection
Smartphone must be connected to the Internet through WiFi or cellular service.

Individual Active Subscription
The EyeQue Insight can be shared with many people. An active EyeQue subscription is required for each individual to create accurate records. See details.

Supported Phones
Smartphone must have a diagonal screen size of at least 4.7 inches and a resolution of 300 ppi or higher, running iOS9.3 or above. See if your phone is supported below.

myEyeQueVA app
Download the free application from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

App Download

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