EyeQue Try-On Glasses Program Details

EyeQue is offering users of the EyeQue smartphone refraction tests (EyeQue VisionCheck, EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker) an option to order low-cost (MSRP $19) test glasses made using their EyeQue EyeGlass Numbers. EyeQue Try-On Glasses are a low-risk way for users to quickly confirm the results of their self-administered smartphone tests. Consumers happy with their Try-Ons can confidently order higher priced glasses from various online retailers using the same EGNs. 

EyeQue Try-On Glasses are simple single-vision glasses available for people with lens corrective power between -7 to +4 diopters in sphere and 0 to -3 diopters in cylinder. Since the eyeglasses are produced and quality assured at EyeQue Corporate headquarters in Newark, California, delivery time is estimated to be about five working days from order.

EyeQue offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all EyeQue products, including the Try-On Glasses. For information on returns, contact

Eligibility Requirements

EyeQue Try-On Glasses will be made available for purchase for EyeQue users who meet the following criteria. 

a. EyeQue user must have an active All Access membership.

b. EyeQue user must successfully generate EyeGlass Numbers by completing a series of refraction tests using the EyeQue VisionCheck or EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker.

EyeGlass Numbers are the sphere, cylinder and axis numbers representing lens power needed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, and pupillary distance.

c. EyeQue user must have a valid PD (pupillary distance) measurement.

d. EyeQue user must use a U.S. shipping address.

Note: EyeGlass Numbers are not a prescription. EyeQue does not perform and provide optometry services, nor does it represent itself as a licensed optometrist. The EyeQue VisionCheck and EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker® accurately measure for refractive error and detect changes between regular eye exams when properly used. These tests do not replace a comprehensive eye exam that evaluates ocular health and binocularity. EyeQue strongly recommends people visit an eye care professional annually to receive a complete eye health exam.

Qualifying EyeGlass Numbers 

Try-On Glasses will be available to EyeQue users who attain EyeGlass Numbers with Medium or High Confidence.

a. Users who receive EyeGlass Numbers in the EyeQue PVT app v.2.1 and VisionCheck app v2.0 and above are automatically qualified.

b. Users with older versions of the EyeQue PVT and VisionCheck app can access confidence status by logging into your account at and click on Usage Report.

The EGN confidence levels are based on the consistency of your test results. 

“Test Performance” is the average confidence associated with individual vision tests.
“Test Results Spread” indicates how well the various vision tests compare to each other. “Overall Confidence” is the combination of “Test Performance” and “Test Results Spread”. The higher the overall confidence of your test results, the higher is the accuracy of your EGNs. Eyeglasses should only be made using EGNs if the overall confidence score is High or Medium.

sample Usage Report displaying Confidence

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