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How Our Vision-Testing Solutions Work


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Now Give Me the Specifics…

  • EyeQue vision testing solutions incorporate Inverse Shack-Hartmann technology and measure your patient’s vision through game-like exercises.
  • When people test their eyes, they merge two lines into one, which indicates the point of focus on the retina for perfect vision.
  • Once you review your patient’s results, you can determine next steps in their treatment plan.

Results You Can Trust

  • Our patented technology was developed at MIT and enhanced by EyeQue engineers.
  • Our products are registered as FDA Class 1 medical devices.
  • Tens of thousands of customers have completed more than 150,000 tests using our technology in the past three
    years alone.
  • A large majority of people report they see the same or better with  their EyeGlass Numbers® than with their
    previous prescription, based  on a recent survey.
  • Our devices are manufactured in accordance with FDA’s Good  Manufacturing Practice regulations.
  • Award-winning, powerful solutions – all without leaving the safety and comfort of home.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

How Does EyeQue Technology Work?

Today’s high-resolution smartphones provide the infrastructure for rigorous, accurate vision tests — self-administered by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Using light from the screen to display test patterns, an onboard camera for imaging, and ever-increasing processing power, smartphones are the foundation for EyeQue’s low-cost, highly accurate vision screeners. With all of this power, we’re able to develop optometric devices that rival ophthalmic instruments – at a fraction of the cost.

Our cloud-based architecture and state-of-the-art software practices provide a secure, scalable, user experience and allow us to continuously deliver new features and tests directly to our vision screeners for our customers.

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