About Us

At EYEQ.ITY, we are committed to helping people
see more of what they love in an intelligent, simple,
and affordable fashion. Our optician and optic shop
is passionate about providing high-quality and stylish
eyewear products, as well as package prices that include
frames, lenses, and a host of favorite options. Whether
you’re looking for a licensed optician or a great deal on
eyewear, EYEQ.ITY is the perfect choice for anyone who
wants to look and feel their best. We also offer referrals to
respected eye doctors in your community, so you can take
care of your eye health and get the vision solutions you
need. Come join us on our mission and start to see more of
what you love today!



At our optic shop, we strive to stay ahead of the competition by equipping our shops with the latest technology and the best tools. Our commitment to the latest eyeglass styles and new eyeglasses has enabled us to become the leaders in speed and efficiency in the business, and to craft eyeglasses that meet the highest quality standards. We take pride in our use of technology to ensure that we are always providing our customers with the best available products.

  • EYEQ Smart View – Provides us the ability to make precision-crafted readers by determining the actual magnification needs of our customers.
  • EYEQ-MAP – Enables us to precisely measure a customer’s pupillary distances and optical centers, and segment locations from the eye’s corneal reflection. In short, it enables us to position the sweet spot of the lens in front of the eye to provide clear, crisp vision.
  • Coburn Technology Len Processing Equipment – Enables us to make amazing glasses in under 1-hour, right before your eyes in both our “SEE-OSKS” and stores.


EYEQ.ITY is committed to helping people see more of what they love.



EYEQ.ITY (pronounced Eye – Q – ity) was founded by Peter Grimes, a former executive with LensCrafters®, with 30 years of experience in the optical industry. The company was conceived around the idea that buying eyeglasses should be simple, fun, and affordable.

EYEQ.ITY provides intelligent vision solutions that improve and enhance the lives of our customers. We are passionate about high-quality and stylish eyewear products. We deliver our customized solutions with package prices, which include frames, lenses, and your other favorite options to give you what you want and need while removing the pressure of additional up-sales during your purchase.

We believe that the best person to care for your eye health is the doctor you already know and trust. If you don’t currently have an eye doctor we can refer you to one that is well-respected within your community, and who can see you at a time that is convenient for you. Remember to be good to yourself; see your eye doctor every year for a complete eye health exam.


Personalized Reading Comfort Glasses

If you enjoy reading, nothing is more frustrating than struggling to see the words on your book’s pages. This problem strains your eyes, causes headaches, and simply makes it challenging to unwind with your favorite hobby. Fortunately, at EYEQ.ITY, we offer the best selection of affordable eyewear, including our reading comfort glasses. Custom-designed to provide a comfortable fit while aiding our customers’ eyesight, these readers promise style, comfort, and functionality.

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