Prescription Eyeglasses Without An Eye Doctor? These Brands Say Yes

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October 24, 2019


Do-it-yourself eyeglasses sounds a little like D.I.Y. root canal. It’s something you should leave to a pro, right? In the second case, yes, always call a dentist. But for many people with straightforward optical needs, some new at-home services let you safely order prescription glasses without a trip to an optician or even an eye doctor.

EyeQue is an at-home vision test that lets you find your own prescription by administering a test using a smartphone attachment the company mails to you. The $69 Bluetooth-powered refractometer measures nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, issuing results in standard prescription format. Results include estimates for reading or progressive glasses. The kit comes with instructions for testing pupillary distance (PD) to accurately measure for frames. EyeQue requires a one-year membership to complete the refraction tests, meaning only one person can access results. Additional memberships for the same kit can be purchased for $4.99 per year. EyeQue is also available on Amazon. Reviews are mixed but many users swear by it.

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