New Vision Tests and Technology Can Help Save Your Sight

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June 1, 2020

Open your eyes to these bright new solutions

If you think you have to live with diminished eyesight as you get older, you’re wrong. The latest technologies — combined with yearly dilated-eye exams — can detect and treat eye diseases more readily, while new lenses can correct your vision better than ever before.

“Eye technology is rapidly evolving,” says Edward Manche, M.D., director of cornea and refractive surgery at Stanford University. Here’s a glance at some of the new tests and remedies now available for your eyes.

DIY vision monitoring

EyeQue’s VisionCheck ($69) is an automated miniscope that attaches to your smartphone. It performs an app-based refraction test, allowing you to track vision changes between doctor visits, and gives you your unique “eyeglass numbers” needed to order specs online. For a smaller price, you can purchase the company’s Personal Vision Tracker ($35), a manual device also used in conjunction with a smartphone to check your vision. EyeQue can even send you a pair of Try-On Glasses ($19) to see if the corrective lenses work for you before you order a more expensive pair.

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by Jessica Migala, AARP

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