Introducing EyeQue PDCheck, the Most Accurate Way to Capture Your Pupillary Distance, a Critical Measure for Ordering Eyeglasses Online

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January 7, 2019

Get Hands-on with Award-Winning EyeQue VisionCheck and EyeQue PDCheck plus other “visionary” EyeQue demonstrations at CES 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 7, 2019EyeQue®, the leader in smartphone at-home vision tests, today announced the EyeQue PDCheck™– a fast, convenient, and highly accurate method for measuring your pupillary distance (PD), a number critical in obtaining great-fitting eyeglasses, yet often not included in an eyeglass prescription. PDCheck uses a patented method, combining a unique set of eyeglass frames and a smartphone app to capture PD instantly.

PDCheck adds to EyeQue’s growing product portfolio, designed to give consumers access to affordable, accurate vision care technologies to test their vision and obtain actionable results. Consumers are able to create and preserve their own digital vision history to track changes in eyesight over time.

“The online eyeglass market is exploding given benefits like extensive selection, dramatic cost-savings, and zero sales pressure. Our at-home vision tests, the Personal Vision Tracker and VisionCheck, are empowering people to get new eyeglasses based on their latest required lens power,” said Dr. John Serri, COO and co-founder of EyeQue. “Our latest product PDCheck offers an extremely low-cost, highly accurate method for getting your PD – avoiding the discomfort, blurry vision, and headaches that come from using eyeglasses with an inaccurate PD number.”

PDCheck is now available on Kickstarter and is also included free with the purchase of an EyeQue VisionCheck™. Based on MIT technology, VisionCheck is the world’s first fully automated, mobile refractometer enabling adults (18+) to self-administer a vision refraction test to generate EyeGlass Numbers®, the lens power required to order corrective eyeglasses online. VisionCheck is a CES 2019 Innovations Honoree in the Tech for a Better World category.

EyeQue will have PDCheck and the entire EyeQue product portfolio available for hands-on demonstration at the International CES event, January 8 – 11 at booth 45440 at the Sands Expo Center. EyeQue will also be exhibiting at both CES Unveiled (January 6, 5pm – 8:30 pm at Mandalay Bay) and Pepcom’s Digital Experience (January 7, 7pm – 10:30pm at the Mirage Hotel).

About PDCheck

The EyeQue PDCheck is a convenient and accurate way to measure pupillary distance (PD), a measure required to complete an online eyeglass order – yet often missing from a standard prescription. PDCheck used a patented method combining a unique set of frames and a mobile application to capture PD in seconds.

The mobile app is free to download and compatible with most Android and iOS phones. The consumer snaps a selfie, or has a friend take the photo, while wearing the PDCheck Frames. The PDCheck Frames are etched with T-marks which provide a stable reference point. The mobile app uses image processing to find the center of both eyes and the calibration marks on the frames, determining the PD to an accuracy of +/-1mm. The PD number is computed and stored securely in the cloud and accessible via the mobile app or in the consumer’s personal dashboard online at PDCheck does not capture or store a facial image of the person, only the parameters needed to compute the PD.

PDCheck Availability

  • PDCheck can be pre-ordered from January 7 – February 6, 2019 on Kickstarter at pledges up to 50% off the MSRP of $12.99.
  • PDCheck will also be available for purchase directly from EyeQue at in February 2019.
  • PDCheck is also included with the purchase of the EyeQue VisionCheck, available on Indiegogo now through January 19, and will be available for purchase directly from EyeQue at beginning January 20, at an MSRP of $59.99.

About VisionCheck

The EyeQue VisionCheck is the world’s first automated optical refraction device built for consumers to measure and track their refractive error and order eyeglasses with the results. Based on MIT technology exclusive to EyeQue, VisionCheck combines a cloud-based platform, a smartphone application, and a motorized, Bluetooth-connected optical scope to form a low-cost, easy to use mobile solution for people to gather corrective vision measurements whenever and wherever they choose.

VisionCheck measures refraction error of each eye and produces results in the form of EyeGlass Numbers®: lens power needed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Consumers use these results to order eyeglasses through online retailers from the convenience of home– saving time and money both in terms of taking a test and obtaining their new glasses.

The smartphone attachment, classified as an Ophthalmic refractometer, contains three precision optical lenses that automatically rotate internally using a high precision motor, capturing each meridian (9) of the eye, measuring focus and astigmatism. The optical scope contains a rechargeable battery, a Bluetooth control interface and a sophisticated touch mechanism. The smartphone application is free to download and includes PDCheck, the uniquely accurate digital pupillary distance (PD) tool.

About EyeQue

EyeQue is the leader of at-home vision testing, bringing affordable eye care to everyone. The Company is dedicated to putting accurate vision tests directly into the hands of people around the world. Based on patented technologies, EyeQue’s intelligent vision solutions allow people anywhere to self-administer an expanding portfolio of vision tests using an optical smartphone attachment, mobile application, and a secure cloud-based processing and service center. The Company innovates from its Silicon Valley headquarters.

EyeQue does not issue prescriptions. The EyeQue VisionCheck and EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker® accurately measures for refractive error and detects changes between regular eye exams when properly used. However, these tests do not replace a comprehensive eye exam that evaluates ocular health and binocularity. EyeQue strongly recommends people visit an eye care professional annually to receive a complete eye health exam. Both devices are registered with the FDA as Class 1 devices with 510K exemptions.

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