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July 2, 2019

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EyeQue attaches to your phone screen to measure your eyes at home. Just don’t expect that you can ditch the doctor altogether.

Scientists expect blurry vision to plague 50 percent of the population by 2050. That’s a lot of people who will need to flock to an optometrist to get a prescription to correct their vision.

But what if you can’t afford to go to the doctor? Or don’t want to go in every year for minor vision changes? With the help of MIT researchers, EyeQue developed EyeQue VisionCheck, a device that makes it easier for people to check their vision.

This small device that looks like half a pair of binoculars promises to help anyone correct their vision, and it won an Innovation Award at CES 2019 — but can it really replace going to the eye doctor? I tried it to find out.

What is EyeQue VisionCheck?

At the eye doctor, you peer into what’s called an autorefractor — that bulky machine where you rest your chin and forehead on plastic stabilizers, peer into some peepholes and tell your doctor about the images you see.

Autorefractors shine light into your eye and measure how the light bounces back from the retina using a technology called Shack-Hartmann, named after the scientists that developed it.

EyeQue uses a technology patented by MIT researchers called Inverse Shack-Hartmann, which is essentially a self-administered, manual refractor.

Where to get it: Find VisionCheck in the EyeQue store.

Cost: The EyeQue VisionCheck device retails for $69, which includes a one-year all-access membership to EyeQue for one person. After the first year, an annual membership costs $4.99.

You can share a single VisionCheck device among many people, as long as each person has their own account and membership to ensure personalized and accurate results. If you and a friend used the same account, the results would become void because VisionCheck averages all of the test results in a single account to provide a prescription.

Read the full story on CNET.

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