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October 22, 2019

Due to my nearsightedness and astigmatisms, I have worn glasses with high index lenses since the third grade. I have my eyes checked each year by an optometrist and other than the drops to dilate my eyes, it’s a pretty stress free appointment. I know a lot of people who don’t go to a yearly eye exam and I wonder if it’s just because they don’t want to make time for the appointment. If that’s the case, the EyeQue VisionCheck is designed to allow you to quickly check your vision using a small device and your smartphone. Can it replace your eye doctor? Let’s find out.

“I find devices like the EyeQue to be the future of medicine and how we may be doing our own medical checkups in the future. I realize that devices like this one won’t take the place of real doctors, but using the EyeQue as a tool to keep an eye (sorry) on your prescription in-between visits can help you know if/when there might be problems with your eyes and prompt you for a visit with your doctor before your yearly visit.”

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