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EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker now supports more than 60 smartphones

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April 10, 2017

Last fall we introduced the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker with a healthy list of supported phones- mainly the latest Apple and Samsung phones. But the team here has been qualifying and calibrating at a rapid pace – more than quadrupling the list of supported phone to ensure that affordable, convenient vision tests are accessible to more people than ever.


Based on the feedback from our Kickstarter backers and users, we have expanded our supported smartphone list to include more independent makers, such as OnePlus, HTC, LG, and international makers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Without further ado, our fully list of supported smartphones is listed here:




If you’ve been waiting to see your model make the list, now you can purchase the miniscope here!

If your own phone hasn’t yet made this list, you may be able to borrow one from a loved one. After all, sharing is caring and the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is family friendly!

If you do share your miniscope with a loved one (or two), make sure that each person has an individual account set up on the myEyeQue app! Otherwise, you’ll corrupt your test results and vision history.  Fear not. The Personal Vision Tracker still makes for a great party activity. Just use the “Quick Test” function and be sure to “discard” any results that are not your own! Saving random results will pollute your vision records, making long-term tracking inaccurate.

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