A 1-year membership is included for one account with any EyeQue at-home vision test purchase!

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Membership Features & Benefits

Unlimited <br>Anytime Testing
Anytime Testing

Test as often as you want. EyeQue devices travel well, so test anywhere, anytime, storing results instantly as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

Unlimited <br>Access to Your Data
Access to Your Data

Your test results and stored data are always available on your personal dashboard at

Access to <br>Products & Services
Access to
Products & Services

Be among the first invited to try new products and services with special members-only offers.


per year

As an active All Access Member, you’ll be able to test your vision as often as you want the Personal Vision Tracker or VisionCheck, all year long.

You’ll have access to your records stored in the EyeQue Cloud and you’ll be among the first invited to try our new products and services with special members-only offers.

3 Easy Steps to Activate Your All Access Membership

Step 1
Step 1

Download the free mobile app for your EyeQue device

Step 2
Step 2

Enter your device’s activation number in the app

Step 3
Step 3

Complete the onboarding process

Make Sure to Download the App for the Product You Have

Personal Vision Tracker
EyeQue PVT
EyeQue VisionCheck

Monitor Your Results on the EyeQue Dashboard

Visit anytime to compare your test results, upload prescriptions, and view your personalized report.

desktop screen

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