Effective Date: February 4, 2023


1. MyReaderNumber is an app for measuring reading and computer magnifying power using the TrueDepth API (ARKit) on iPhone X and newer iPhones that use Face ID.

2. The TrueDepth API is only used for measuring the distance between the user’s phone and face. For this functionality to work, MyReaderNumber requires access to your iPhone device camera. The access to your iPhone camera can be toggled on and off at any time in your device’s settings. No image is collected during the measurement process and the distances captured (in millimeters or inches) are only used for calculation purposes. None of the information collected by the TrueDepth API is stored on the device or externally.

3. MyReaderNumber does not collect or store any facial recognition (Face ID) data gathered by the TrueDepth API. The Face ID data gathered by TrueDepth API is only available during the use of the MyReaderNumber app, specifically, during a live measurement.

4. If the user chooses to use the share function on the MyReaderNumber app, their results are shown in two different ways:

1. A screenshot of their user dashboard — The screenshot option is an image which does not contain any metadata.

2. A text-based message — The text-based message contains only texts which does not contain any metadata.

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