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EyeQue Team

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May 15, 2018


Are you an avid EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker user and want to learn more about your eyes? You are in luck!

A very new feature that we rolled out recently is the personalized usage report. This report can be accessed on’s desktop page and will give you a variety of information on your eyesight, based on your Personal Vision Tracker test results. To obtain your report, follow these steps:


1.Log in to your account by visiting and clicking on “Sign In”, or click here.

2.Scroll to the left side of the website, under the “Account Information” column, click on “My Usage Report”.

Insert image: My usage report 1

1.Click on “Download”.

2.The PDF report should automatically open in a new window.

Each personalized usage report is based on your unique vision test results, and will change when more tests are taken. The reports are refreshed every quarter, so make sure that you check your eyesight with the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker often, and come back every few months for an updated report.

Here’s an example of what the report looks like. The first page shows your account information, as well as your most recent test results. You’ll find your 5 most recent test results show on the chart on the right hand side (labeled with light blue colored dots); the blue ring indicates your newest EyeGlass Number, and the red ring indicates your most recent prescription. (To enter your prescription, go back to your “Account Information” column in step 2 and select “My Prescriptions”.)


On the second page is another handy report that shows all of your recent EyeGlass Numbers, how many EyeQue vision tests you’ve taken in the last quarter, and your past prescriptions for comparison.


Too much jargon already, like “hyperopia”, “myopia”, “OD”, “OS” and not sure what they mean? We get you. Here’s a handy little glossary with all the terms you need to know about your vision on page 3!


More importantly, how does your vision compare to the rest of the EyeQue users? See for yourself!


The quality of your test results is also something we care deeply about. How good were your test results? Can you use them to order glasses? The “confidence level” is calculated based on the accuracy and precision of your test results; if you are scoring well within the yellow section, your results are probably very good. Remember, the more test you take, the better you are as a test taker, therefore the more accurate your results will be!


We hope the report will help you learn a little more about yourself and get into the habit of taking care of your eyes and monitoring your vision changes regularly. If you have any questions or comments regarding your personalized usage report, please contact us at

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