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March 7, 2019

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Congratulations! You have made the commitment to taking care of your eyes by purchasing an EyeQue product. Now what? Once your EyeQue product(s) are shipped to you, you will need to become an EyeQue member online (or via our EyeQue apps) in order to use our products. 

In addition to unlocking the testing functionality, membership gives you one place to securely store and access your vision information. It can be time-consuming to keep track of your vision records. From prescription changes, to finding out your pupillary distance, it is not always easy to gather and access your vision records.

You can store information such as your EyeGlass Numbers (EGNs) and your pupillary distance for easy access from one secure digital location. You can even store your prescriptions to easily locate your latest one and to compare your vision changes over time. No more fumbling around for your paper prescription when you need it! Everything is conveniently stored and easily accessible with a digital device.

What is an EyeQue membership?

An EyeQue membership unlocks testing on applicable EyeQue devices. Members can digitally record, retrieve and track changes in test results through a secure, cloud-based personal dashboard. Members also enjoy exclusive access to new products, services, and perks.

What types of memberships does EyeQue offer?

EyeQue at this time has two levels of membership: Basic Access and All Access. Any person that uses EyeQue must have their own account to protect the integrity and accuracy of test data. Accounts cannot be shared.

What is a Basic Access membership?

A Basic Access membership is free and allows you to take a variety of vision tests using the EyeQue PDCheck and the EyeQue Insight.

A Basic Access membership has some limits: it does not allow you to take refraction tests or get refraction results (EyeGlass Numbers), tests powered by the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker or EyeQue VisionCheck. Also, basic members do not have access to EyeQue’s personalized reports.

What is an All Access membership?

In addition to the features and benefits provided to basic members, All Access members are able to take refraction tests using the Personal Vision Tracker and VisionCheck (ophthalmic refractometers). All Access memberships have an annual fee, currently $4.99 annually.

What are the benefits of an All Access membership?

An All Access membership has substantial benefits. See pricing details below.

  1. All Access members can use their account to take unlimited tests on any EyeQue device.
  2. All Access members have access to personalized reports in addition to all vision test results.
  3. All Access members receive alerts and notifications related to refraction testing, exclusive perks, and membership status.

What is the cost of an All Access membership?

Your All Access membership rate is locked at the time you take your first refraction test. The EyeQue All Access membership rate is currently $4.99 per year – about the cost of a fancy cup of coffee! This rate applies for members who activated a membership after February 1, 2018.

If you activated your membership by using your EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker (PVT) for the first time before February 1, 2018, your All Access membership is free because you were a member of EyeQue’s early adopter program. Congratulations! You have an All Access membership for life.

Membership fees are subject to change, but you can lock in your annual rate at $4.99 if you renew your membership before April 30, 2019. This low rate is locked in as long as you maintain your active All Access membership status.

Note: In the first year of usage, the $4.99 membership fee was included in the purchase of the PVT.

What happens if your All Access Membership expires?

Your membership will convert to a Basic Access membership upon expiration. Your membership status is displayed on your account dashboard available through your EyeQue mobile applications at eyeque.com.

If your All Access membership expires, you will still be able to use some EyeQue products and services, (e.g. the EyeQue Insight and EyeQue PDCheck), but will not be able to conduct refraction tests or access results for the PVT or VisionCheck. Also, you will not receive reminders and personalized reports with a Basic Access membership.

How can I renew my All Access membership?

Membership renewal is readily obtained through the EyeQue store and the PVT and VisionCheck app.

How to renew in 3 easy steps on your desktop:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select “My Membership” in your account dashboard
  3. Click “Renew”

How to renew in 3 easy steps on your smartphone:

  1. Launch your mobile app for PVT or VisionCheck and select “Settings”
  2. Select “Membership”
  3. Tap “Renew”

You will receive email notifications and push notifications (if activated) indicating that your All Access membership is about to expire.

If your All Access membership expires, you will have a one-month grace period to renew your All Access membership at the current rate ($4.99 per year). However, if the lapse is longer than one month, your renewal rate will be the prevailing All Access membership rate. EyeQue anticipates the All Access membership rate to increase over time so it is best to lock in your renewal rate.

What if I have additional questions?

You can visit our FAQ at eyeque.com/support, use the chat feature, or email support@eyeque.comwith additional questions.

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