Where Can You Get A Free Eye Exam and Glasses?

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June 14, 2019

Child With Eye Doctor Picking Eyeglass Frames

Many people do not get eye exams as often as they should. A large contributor is the cost to keep up with regular vision care. Fortunately, there are several programs available that can provide a free eye exam, eyeglasses, and other vision services:

Free Eye Exams

  • Special events: VSP Global hosts regular Mobile Eye Clinics around the country which provide children and adults with free exams and glasses. Find an upcoming event or request an event to visit your region on their website.
  • Infants: Through the American Optometric Association’s InfantSEE program, infants between the ages of 6 months and one year old can receive a free comprehensive eye exam to ensure their eyes are developing properly. You can search for an InfantSEE doctor in the U.S. based on your zip code.
  • Children: Sight for Students and Vision to Learn provide economically disadvantaged school-age students with a free eye exam and glasses.
  • Adults: Although most vision loss occurs in seniors, some adults face a higher risk of developing glaucoma for other reasons, such as their race or family history. If you have an increased risk of developing glaucoma, you may be able to get a free eye exam through the EyeCare America
  • Seniors: Seniors ages 65 and older may be able to receive medical eye exams through the EyeCare America program if they don’t belong to an HMO, have vision benefits from the VA and haven’t seen an ophthalmologist in the past three years.

Free Eyeglasses

  • New Eyes partners with social service and health agencies to provide free eyeglasses to economically disadvantaged patients. An eye doctor volunteering through one of the above programs or a social worker from another agency can apply for a voucher for free glasses on your behalf.

Some patients may be able to receive a voucher for free eyeglasses from OneSight when their financial need has been verified by a nonprofit agency.

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