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EyeQue Team

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November 15, 2019

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Very often, you download an app, use it, and let it update as necessary. However, do you ever think about what new features there are in an app update? We wanted to share our updates to the Insight app (now known as Insight Plus) that we are sure that you will appreciate.

We made the Insight Plus app updates based on very valuable feedback from the people who matter most: customers like YOU. Here are all of the exciting new features:

Multiple Profiles

Streamline sharing with anyone! You can now create individual profiles for each person without signing up for individual accounts. This is very useful if you have a family and you want to track everyone’s vision results. If you are part of an organization that intends to use the device to screen multiple people, you now have that capability!

Improved Results Display and Management

Insight Plus Dashboard

Your vision screening results from a given date and progression over time are easier to read now. You also have the option to delete and share test results.

Improved Test Information

Get a deeper understanding of information about each of the vision tests that you can take. After testing, get detailed information on potential eye conditions based on your results. 

Hardware Accessories Integration

Did you upgrade your Insight with the new Head Mount and Bluetooth Remote Control?  The app update provides you with instructions on how to integrate head mount and remote control with your Insight for a more personalized experience while testing.

Enhanced Visual Acuity Test

You can choose what visual acuity test that you prefer. The Insight Plus app update provides an ETDRS test methodology for the visual acuity test as an alternative to Snellen methodology.

Offline Color Vision Test

Do you need to take a color vision test without a network connection? Now you can test in remote areas that may not have internet access. Just remember that connection will be required to upload test results to EyeQue Cloud.

Ability to Correct an Accidental Selection During Test

We know that mistakes happen! Now you can go back and correct a possible mistake within the test without starting over from the beginning! If you have any questions, we are just an email away at support@eyeque.com.

Save Time, Save Money, See Better

The EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit combines two at-home vision test solutions. Test your refractive error with VisionCheck, and screen for distance, color, and contrast vision with the Insight. A pupillary distance tool, Bluetooth remote, and a soft-shell protective case are included.

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