What is Protan Color Blindness?

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April 18, 2019

Ishihara Color Plate

Protan Color Blindness

Protan color blindness is a type of red-green color blindness that affects the red cones in your eyes. If you have protan color blindness, you are less sensitive to the color red. If you have protan color blindness, you also have a hard time recognizing blue and green colors.

There are two types of protan color blindness: protanopia and protanomaly.

How Does Protan Vision Work?

A color wheel that shows how someone with proton color blindness sees color.
A color wheel that shows how someone with proton color blindness sees color.


With protanopia, the brightness of the colors red, orange, and yellow are less than someone with normal color vision. Violet, lavender, and purple are indistinguishable from various shades of blue because their reddish components are subdued. For example, a pink flower may just appear to be blue to someone with protanopia.

If you have protanopia, a type of cone cell called L-cones are missing completely. L-cones are long-wavelength cones.

With protanomaly, L-cones are present but defective. With this type of color blindness, there are varying intensities based off of the functionality of the cones present.

How Do I Find Out If I Am Color Blind?

Fortunately, you can find out if you are color blind easily and quickly. Your eye doctor can test you using Ishihara color plates. However, there are other ways to test for color blindness. You can test your color vision by taking an online color blind test like this one. The EyeQue Insight also offers a color blind test in addition to other tests like contrast sensitivity and visual acuity from your smartphone.

If you are color blind, here are five practical tips that will help you live with color blindness.


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