What Causes Eye Wrinkles?

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January 23, 2021

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Types and Causes of Under Eye Wrinkles 

Eye WrinklesAs people age, their skin begins to lose its elasticity and its ability to renew. This aging process leads to wrinkles, and one of the first places they generally appear is around the eyes. This is because the skin around the eyes is quite delicate and thin which makes it very susceptible to the signs of aging.  

Not all wrinkles are the same. There are different types of fine lines and wrinkles that can form on your face, and they have different causes. Wrinkles generally fall into one of three main categories: 


Folds are a form of age-related wrinkling that presents itself as sagging skin around the different structures of the face. There is a genetic component to developing folds.  

Most people notice this type of wrinkling around the nose or mouth, but it can also happen underneath a person’s eyes. 


Static wrinkling is caused by damage to the skin. These wrinkles will appear whether or not the facial muscles are engaged. There are many things that can cause static wrinkles to appear on the face including smoking cigarettes, having a poor diet, and UV damage.  

The delicate skin around the eyes can be damaged due to rubbing or tugging and lead to static wrinkling. 


Dynamic wrinkles form over time due to repeatedly contracting the muscles under the skin – these are the types of wrinkles that form due to smiling or frowning. The lines that smokers develop around their mouths are also a type of dynamic wrinkle. 

People will often notice these lines on their forehead and between the brows as well. The lines commonly known as “crow’s feet” are yet another form of dynamic wrinkles. 

Years of squinting due to uncorrected eyesight can also cause fine lines to develop around the eyes. One way to help prevent this is to regularly ensure that the corrective power of your glasses is accurate. With the VisionCheck from EyeQue, you can test your refractive error from home, as often as you would like. You can then use the results to order updated eyeglasses online! 

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