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Phoebe Yu

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June 2, 2020

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we’ve made major enhancements to the VisionCheck app including new features that make vision testing and tracking easier than ever before.  

Here’s what’s new:  

New simplified app design 

Enjoy a freshly updated app design with new colors, easier-to-read font, and improved usability. Whether you’re just getting started or have existing or expired test results, you’ll know what steps to take to achieve EyeGlass Numbers.  


View individual test results 

This powerful feature allows you to take a deeper dive into your individual vision test results. See which tests are used to generate your EyeGlass Numbers: Individual vision tests labeled as “valid” (green checkmark icon) are included in your EyeGlass Numbers. Tests labeled as “invalid” (red x icon) are not included in your EyeGlass Numbers 


Instant feedback on how well you are testing 

We’ll inform you how well you’re testing with instant feedback after each test.  


Interactive practice

We’ve added a practice session full of helpful animations, tips, and improved voice instructions to better guide you through the test process. To access the new practice session, select the icon at the top right corner of the dashboard.


Test result validation

It’s important to us that you are satisfied with your results and with eyeglasses ordered using your EyeGlass Numbers. That’s why we’ve built in intelligence that assesses the consistency of your results, eliminates individual results that are inconsistent, and only presents EyeGlass Numbers if you have accumulated three or more good test results. 

Like most technology products, our device does not work for everyone. While we require our users to complete at least three individual tests to generate EyeGlass Numbers, not all users who complete three or more tests will receive valid EyeGlass Numbers. EyeGlass Numbers that are invalid will appear grayed-out, and the user will be encouraged to take more tests or contact support. We discourage anyone who receives invalid EGNs from ordering corrective eyewear. 

For example, users who have trouble using the device, those who cannot test with consistent results, and those with serious vision conditions or have extremely strong prescriptions (outside of the range of -8.00 to +10.00 diopters) will likely not receive valid EyeGlass Numbers.  

EyeQue offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, particularly for users who do not achieve EyeGlass Numbers. Contacting support is easy. You’ll find it on your dashboard and the individual test results page or email



Download the new app here or click on the app icon below!


Questions? See our FAQ or contact our support team at 

 Happy vision testing! 

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