Johannes Franz Hartmann & Roland Shack

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June 16, 2021


Who Are Shack and Hartmann?

AutorefractorJohannes Franz Hartmann and Roland Shack are both prominent people in the world of science, especially in the optical field. The work of these two managed to influence and change optical science forever. Some of their technology still influences inventions, even to this day.

Johannes Franz Hartmann

Johannes Franz Hartmann was a physicist and astronomer best known for discovering the interstellar medium while observing the Delta Orionis.

Born in Germany in 1865, he went on to earn his doctorate from the University of Leipzig in 1891. His discoveries while studying the spectral alignment of stars paved a path forward for many people within various fields, including optical science.

His technique of observing light rays through a telescope would eventually lead to the development of an optical sensor later known as the Shack-Hartmann sensor.

Roland Shack

Roland Shack was an optical scientist known for his many contributions to the field of eye care.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1927, Roland earned degrees from various universities such as the University of Maryland College Park and the American University. Like Hartmann, one of Shack’s most notable innovations is part of the Shack-Hartmann sensor, a wavelength sensor used in optical systems.

With this, the sensor can detect any errors in wavefronts, allowing irregularities of optics to be discovered, assessed, and corrected.

The Importance of The Shack-Hartmann Sensor

EyeQue's Vision Check

The Shack-Hartmann optical sensor’s main operation is to send faint beams of light into the retina in order to study how it reflects the light. Through this, optical scientists can determine any possible anomalies within a patient’s eye, such as complex refractive errors. By spotting any abnormal spots in the cornea, people affected can get the problem treated, thus giving them a better quality of life.

You may even have interacted with this technology at some point in your life. Most autorefractors that your eye doctor uses to measure your refractive error utilize the Shack-Hartmann sensor.

This invention actually paved the way for at-home vision testing. EyeQue’s devices are powered by an MIT patented technology called Inverse Shack-Hartmann.

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