How Do Glasses Work?

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April 16, 2021


How Do We See Objects With Our Eyes?

In order to understand how glasses work, you first need to understand how eyes work.

Our eyes work similarly to a camera in how they focus light – when light hits your eyes, it gets focused to create a clear image. Different parts of the eye all work together to make this focusing possible and, when done correctly, allow you to see clear, sharp images.

How we see

How we see explained

If your vision isn’t clear, that means your eyes are not functioning as they should. Refractive errors (nearsightedness and farsightedness) are the primary cause of blurred vision. These refractive errors are caused by the length of your eyeball.

When you are looking at something, there is a point where the image you are seeing comes into focus – when you have normal vision, the image comes into focus on the retina. If your eye is too long, the image comes into focus before it reaches the retina – this is called nearsightedness, or myopia. On the other hand, if your eye is too short, the image comes into focus behind the retina – this is called farsightedness, or hyperopia.Refractive errors explained

Both of these issues can generally be corrected by using a pair of eyeglasses.

How Do Glasses Work?

Glasses work by bending light so that the light’s focal point is on the retina.

What is a lens

Glasses generally come in two shapes: concave and convex. Concave shapes correct myopia/nearsightedness by moving the eye’s focus back toward the retina. Convex shapes correct hyperopia/farsightedness by moving the eye’s focus forward from behind the retina.

How lenses correct vision

Lenses are shaped to refract the light that comes through your eyes so that the focal point is on the retina, which gives your brain a clear image to see.

The VisionCheck works with your smartphone to measure your refractive error so that you can know what strength your eyeglasses need to be for you to see clearly. Whether you need glasses for the first time or if you want to upgrade your old pair, you can use your results from the VisionCheck to order glasses online.

Your Vision at Your Fingertips

With the VisionCheck you can test your vision from home and use the results to order glasses online. Updating your glasses has never been easier!

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