Health Reasons Kept Linda at Home — But She Found EyeQue Through a Friend

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November 8, 2021

Linda, an EyeQue customer, lives just outside of Ft. Lauderdale. For over 14 years, she’s worked as a licensed mental health counselor. She helps clients in her own private telehealth practice through a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system. Her skill set is diverse as her client base includes people from a range of different cultural, social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

When not working with her clients, Linda spends her time narrating audiobooks! She has been the voice of several fiction and nonfiction works. For example, she has narrated an autobiography as well as a cultural story about slavery.

Linda’s Eyecare Needs

Linda wears her trifocal glasses all the time. As a counselor, clear vision is an absolute necessity. She reads facial expressions and picks up on body language clues. Combined with her skills, her eyes help her successfully care for her clients through a computer screen.

In fact, most of her work takes place on a computer. This includes taking all of her appointments online in addition to responding to emails & texts, taking notes, and researching online. As part of her profession, she must also participate in continuing education classes (CEs), which she also takes on a computer.

Of course, she needs her glasses for everyday activities, including her audiobook narration work which keeps her at her computer screen. Having clear mid-range vision is essential to proofreading the scripts that she narrates.

Discovering EyeQue

Linda has a chemical sensitivity that put her in quarantine, even before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Her medical condition means she needs to keep away from fragrances contained in everyday products that people use. These include perfumes, shampoos, and deodorants. This also makes visits outside of her home less than ideal.

It had been roughly seven years since Linda had updated her glasses prescription, and she was missing the crispness of her vision. After a friend in Texas raved about the benefits of EyeQue’s products, Linda decided to give the Insight and Personal Vision Tracker (PVT) a try. Of her ability to try new things, she says, “I’m always having to adapt. I’m an eclectic person.”

At first, she had a little difficulty learning how to use them, but the customer service team “kept in touch” to help her out. They walked her through the optimization of her EyeGlass Numbers in addition to assisting her with Try-On Glasses, which she found to be incredibly essential to the process.

“I was shocked that [a team member] would contact me,” Linda explained. “That’s what sealed the deal. Most companies don’t have that kind of personalized customer service.”

Since it had also been seven years since her last eye health exam, the EyeQue team member recommended that she go in for one, which she did. After that, she was able to conduct her eye care needs online; e.g., she bought high-quality glasses at a lower cost and with features such as scratch protection and photochromic lenses.

Linda hopes to use EyeQue each year to keep her glasses up-to-date and spread out the time between her in-person visits. She also found the support that she received, the money & time she saved, and her independence with EyeQue devices to be incredibly beneficial!

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