From Computer Engineer to Farmer: EyeQue Customer, Dave, Loves His VisionCheck

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November 29, 2021

Living just south of Waco in Texas, EyeQue customer Dave may be a retired computer engineer, but he is working now more than ever — and he certainly wasn’t living a slow-paced life before retirement!

Dave spent his working years building internet infrastructure, launching 25 different companies, and working as a CTO — among other things. Organic farmer is another of the many hats Dave has worn, raising sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, and pigs on his Little Sprouts Farm.

As the son of a preacher, he was ordained in his 20s and would eventually launch his own food ministry program feeding 150 families a week. Dave has now started a church with a holistic vision that combines faith and self-sufficiency through organic farming.

In addition to all of that, Dave is a husband and father, having raised 12 children!

Dave’s Eyecare Needs

Dave calls his eyesight “relatively bad”, and he hasn’t had much luck with progressive lenses in the past. Trying to work on his farm equipment and focus through the reading portion of the glasses proves too difficult. Instead, Dave relies on two pairs of glasses: one for near vision and one for distance.

“I have very specific needs because of all the different things that I do,” Dave explains. “When I’m teaching, I need specific distances. When I’m working outside, I need different distances. So, I carry multiple pairs of glasses.”

While Dave has seen optometrists for his eyehealth needs, he sometimes feels like the process is too rushed and would prefer to have a more robust way to check his vision. Since he doesn’t have any ongoing eyehealth issues, he was open to a different way of testing his vision.

Working With EyeQue

About three years ago, Dave heard about EyeQue via a Facebook ad. This was around the time he was looking for a way to manage his own vision changes. He ended up buying the EyeQue VisionCheck and has been using it ever since.

“I test my eyes regularly to see if they’re changing,” Dave says.

He feels like being able to check his vision often (and occasionally daily) gives him better results than he would get through a single visit to the optometrist. He can then average his numbers to get results that feel crisp and clear.

A self-proclaimed “gadget guy”, Dave loves EyeQue’s technology, and he also loves that it is an inexpensive way to keep his vision up-to-date!

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