EyeQue Founder John Serri Shares Pragmatic Advice at M.I.T.

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May 3, 2017

EyeQue founder John Serri

While family and friends gathered across the country for Spring break or to celebrate Easter weekend, our own John Serri took the opportunity to go back to his roots at MIT. Professor Peter Fisher, Head of M.I.T.’s Department of Physics invited John to give a talk about his experience as an entrepreneur. He discussed what it was like to switch plans of retirement for the fast-paced life of creating a startup like EyeQue.

John was more than a bit nostalgic and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with his mentor David Pritchard, Cecil, and Ida Green Professor of Physics.

Here’s a condensed version of the hour he spent sharing his lessons learned with the audience inclusive of Nobel Prize winner Wolfgang Ketterle and about 50 of the countries brightest college students.

Dr. John Serri visits his alma mater M.I.T. to share lessons learned with aspiring entrepreneurs

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