EyeQue COVID-19 Response: Test Your Eyes from Home for Free

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April 9, 2020


EyeQue has concluded the give away campaign as of June 17, 2020. Since April, over 1500 units of the award-winning Personal Vision Trackers were shipped. We are grateful for the opportunity to help those affected by the pandemic. 

As of January 2021, the Personal Vision Tracker is no longer offered as a standalone product. Instead, we offer the Personal Vision Tracker Plus, which includes the PDCheck. 

In this time of uncertainty and social distancing, many people are unable to keep their appointments to have their eyes checked and get new glasses.

With this in mind we’re giving away the award-winning Personal Vision Tracker (PVT) smartphone vision test, which retails for $45, to 1,000 individuals during the month of April. We just ask that you cover shipping – $6, and limited to United States only. To get one, go to the EyeQue store and use code “StayHome” at checkout. (Please note: The giveaway has ended; this coupon code will not work)

Our PVT lets you test your vision and use the results, EyeGlass Numbers, to order eyeglasses from select online retailers. You shouldn’t have to wait out this pandemic to see clearly. And since our devices are designed to be shared, everyone you’re sheltering in place with can check their vision too. Usually we charge a $4.99 annual fee for each person’s vision testing account after the first one, but we’re also temporarily waiving these membership fees.

Note: the number of units that we are giving way is limited and coupon only applies to one free PVT per address. If your income has not been affected, please save them for those in need!

This is our way of eliminating obstacles many may be facing in getting that updated set of eyeglasses.

If you’re already an EyeQue customer and have a PVT or the VisionCheck, but you haven’t been sharing, now’s a good time to have the others in your home (ages 25+) create an account and test their vision too, free of charge.

We’re hoping to help people across the US with a renewed ability to see clearly so you can help your kids with distance learning, read a few books, binge watch a few dozen TV series’, and follow those bread recipes – whatever you need to do for your family, friends, and to maintain your good health.

See well, stay well, and happy vision testing!

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