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April 24, 2019

EyeQue App In Use

It is our mission to provide affordable eye care for all. At EyeQue, this means making the lives of our customers easier in any way that we can. One important feature for our customers are our apps. This is because the first step to using our products is launching an app. EyeQue devices work in conjunction with these apps so that you can track your vision, measure your pupillary distance, test for color blindness and more.

Woman Using PDCheck App

Specific Product Apps Save Space

Rather than force you to download a very LARGE app that contains testing for all EyeQue products, we have developed a separate app for each EyeQue product. This means less space is taken to download it and makes it a smoother process for you to launch and use it.

App Icons Redesigned with You in Mind

Our first app icons looked so similar, it could have been confusing to find the specific product app that you needed to use. We have updated each icon so that you know exactly which app to download or launch when you are using your EyeQue device. Below are our original icons:

EyeQue's Old App Icons


Here are our new icons:

EyeQue's New App Icons


Product Icons Means No Confusion

When you look at the icon, you know exactly what product you need to use. The clean white product silhouettes in the center of the icons are intended to showcase the sleek design of our products.

Different Colored Gradients for Ease of Use

The different colors of the apps are intended to showcase the spectrum of eye care solutions that EyeQue can offer you. The colored gradient background in each app design is intended to evoke a sense of depth and dimension. It makes the icon warm and more natural. Lastly, we picked high contrast colors to make the apps easier to find and use.

We hope that these app icon updates are just one way we make your experience with EyeQue the best one. Let us know what you think at support@eyeque.com

Save Time, Save Money, See Better

The EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit combines two at-home vision test solutions. Test your refractive error with VisionCheck, and screen for distance, color, and contrast vision with the Insight. A pupillary distance tool, Bluetooth remote, and a soft-shell protective case are included.

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