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September 30, 2020

Contact Lenses

Common Contact Lens Myths

ContactsIf you already use, or are considering using contact lenses, you have likely heard some myths about their safety or how they can hurt your eyes. Generally, these myths originate from unusual experiences or misunderstanding information. In reality, contact lenses are safe and comfortable when worn and handled properly.

Below, we will address three of the most common contact lens myths.

Can Contacts Melt in Your Eyes?

You may have heard a story about a girl who went blind at a barbecue because she stared at the fire in the grill for too long. According to the story, the heat from the fire melted her contact lenses, which caused her to go blind.

The likelihood of this story being real is slim, since contact lenses can withstand very high temperatures. Contact lenses actually undergo sterilization at nearly 250°F prior to packaging, which means that the girl would have to be in the fire in order for the contacts to melt, not just staring at it.

This is not to say that contact lenses can’t ever melt – most contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel or other plastic polymers, which technically can melt when exposed to high temperatures. However, it is extremely unlikely for the contacts to reach their melting point by a person simply staring into the fire.

Can Contacts Go Behind Your Eye?

It’s not possible for contact lenses to get stuck behind your eye, thanks to the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a thin lining on the inside of the eyelids that folds back and connects to the outer white part of the eyeball.

The continuous nature of the conjunctiva, from the eyelid to the eyeball, means that it acts as a barrier stopping anything from getting trapped behind your eye.

A lens can feel like it went behind your eye, but it’s likely just stuck under your eyelid or dislodged. With patience, you can gently stroke your eyelid and move the contact lens toward the front of your eye and remove it using your fingers.

Can I Store My Contacts in Water?

 You should not, under any circumstances, store your contacts in water. Water causes lenses to change their shape and stick to the eye, which, in turn, can scratch the cornea. As a result, germs can enter the eye causing discomfort and infection.

Furthermore, when stored in water, contact lenses may come in contact with bacteria. Even distilled or spring water, which is pure and safe for drinking, can contain microorganisms that are harmful to your eyes. Therefore, ophthalmologists always suggest that you avoid letting water come into contact with your lenses.

This includes not only storing them in water but also showering and swimming while wearing contacts.

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