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November 11, 2020

Contact Lens Case

How to Store Contacts

Caring for your contact lenses and storing them properly helps to keep your eyes comfortable and prevent cornea damage. Below are the basics of contact lens storage.  

What Do You Store Contact Lenses In? 

Contact Lens Case & SolutionIf you do not have your contact lenses in your eyes, then you need to keep them securely stored in a closed contact lens case. You can store lenses in fresh contact solution in an unopened case for up to a month. 

Also, remember to keep your contact lens case clean. Dump the used contact solution out and allow the case to air dry it between each use – this will help keep bacteria from growing. You should also aim to clean the case with contact solution and a clean toothbrush once a week. 

You should always dispose of contact lenses on time, whether or not you wore them for the entire period. For example, if your contact lenses should be replaced every 14 days, and you only wear them 12 of those days, they still need to be thrown out. 

Trying to revitalize old contacts with some fresh solution doesn’t work. If you find that you only wear lenses on occasion, you may want to consider daily disposable contact lenses.  

How Long Can You Keep Contacts in Solution When You’re Not Using Them? 

Care instructions for lenses are different with each brand – some solutions are only good for 24 hours, while others can store contacts for up to a month. Generally, if your monthly disposable soft contact lenses have been stored in contact solution for less than 30 days, you can still clean and disinfect them with fresh solution before wearing them. If it’s been more than a month, or if you’re not sure, it’s safer to throw the lenses out and open a new pair.  

It’s also important to use fresh contact lens solution every time. You should always avoid reusing contact solution or trying to top it off.  

How Often Should I Change the Solution in My Contact Lens Case? 

New solution should go in the case every time you take your lenses out of the caseYour contact lens case should be discarded at least every three months.  

Talk to your doctor regarding your replacement schedule and to find out what’s right for you.  

If you find yourself without contacts and your glasses are outdated, it may be time for you to try out the VisionCheck. The VisionCheck allows you to test your vision from home and generates EyeGlass Numbers that you can use to order glasses online. So next time you’re out of contacts, you don’t have to settle for old glasses. 

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