Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

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October 29, 2020

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Do Children Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses? 

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In this digital age, millions of children spend several hours per day looking at screens – they stare at screens when they do homework, when they watch TV, and when they use their phones. 

50% of young people reported being online constantly in a survey conducted in 2018. In the US, that number has likely skyrocketed now that so many students are participating in distance learning. 

It is important to protect young people from the potentially harmful effects that screen time can cause.  

Why Would Your Kids Need Blue Light Glasses? 

Young girl using a laptopBlue light comes from many different sources including the sun, fluorescent lights, and digital devices. Since blue light is so pervasive, it’s important to understand how it can impact you and your family. 

Blue light plays an important role in maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm – during the day it can help boost your attention, reaction times, and mood. However, according to Harvard Health Publishing, blue light can also inhibit the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that makes the body go to sleep. 

According to the AOAthe blue light emitted by digital devices is strong enough to interrupt the circadian rhythm, which means that reducing blue light exposure is extremely important. Blue light blocking glasses can help to increase nighttime melatonin levels by about 58%, which can help kids to sleep better at night. 

When Should Your Kids Wear Anti-Blue Light Glasses? 

Ideally, your children should wear blue light blocking glasses whenever they are looking at a screen. This includes looking at computers, phones, laptops, tablets, and the TV. Wearing blue light blocking glasses may help prevent the negative side effects of blue light exposure on the circadian rhythm.  

Where to Find Anti-Blue Light Glasses 

EyeBuy Direct is a great place to purchase blue light blocking glasses for kids and adults. There are multiple designs available, which means that there’s a style for every member of the family. 

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