5 Tips For Living With Color Blindness

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October 24, 2019

Woman with color blindness picking out clothing from a closet rack

Living With Color Blindness

Living with Color Blindness InfographicSome forms of color blindness can create challenges for completing regular tasks. Here are five tips for living with this eye condition:

1. If you have red-green color blindness, try using special eyeglasses

Deutan color blindness (also known as red-green color blindness) can sometimes be improved with special eyeglasses which help increase the contrast between red and green shades.

2. Get help from friends, family, or even a mobile app to style your outfits

If you have color blindness, you may find it challenging to distinguish which clothing pieces work well together. Your friends and family may be able to help you create a “cheat sheet” showing which items match up, or you could download a mobile app to help you organize your closet. Our favorite app is:

3. Rely on temperatures rather than color to know when your food is done cooking

Many recipes may tell you that meat is ready to be served when it reaches a certain color, but your color blindness may impair your ability to recognize the colors described. Instead, use these US Department of Health & Human Services guidelines to know when your food is safe and ready to eat.

4. Check to see if your electronic devices offer settings for people with color blindness

If you have issues interpreting different elements on your screen, you may be able to find a setting to help! For example:

5. Talk to your boss about work issues caused by your condition

If colored charts and graphs cause issues, you could ask for more detailed labels or black and white versions of each graphic. You can also let your boss know about these tips from Microsoft for creating visually accessible presentations.

Learn more about your color blindness with EyeQue’s free color blind test!

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