EyeQue Science

EyeQue Insight & Insight

  • The Insight screens for 20/20 vision, color deficiency, and contrast sensitivity.
  • Allows for quick eye screenings and a variety of other tests.
  • EyeQue solutions do not replace the need for an eye health exam.

EyeQue VisionCheck

  • Includes PDCheck Glasses that accurately captures your pupillary distance to the mm for perfect-fitting glasses.
  • You can order custom EyeQue Try-On frames to experience your EyeGlass Numbers.

EyeQue PDCheck

  • While All Access Members can utilize the PDCheck app
  • Basic Members can also measure their pupillary distance with the PDCheck

EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit: Vision Tests AT HOME!

  • The all-in-one kit screens for 20/20 vision, color deficiency, contrast sensitivity, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

The Science Behind VisionCheck

Now Give Me the Specifics...

  • Your cornea, pupil, and lens work together to focus light on your retina.
  • If your eyeball is too long or too short, you will have blurry vision.
  • EyeQue vision testing solutions incorporate Inverse Shack-Hartmann technology and measure your vision through game-like exercises.
  • This technology utilizes optical lenses, combined with smartphone’s pixel movement, to measure where the light focuses on the back of your retina.
  • When people administer the EyeQue vision test, they adjust two lines, red and green, until they merge into one solid yellow line, indicating light focus on the retina.
  • EyeQue’s cloud database analyzes your information and provides personalized EyeGlass Numbers® that enable you to order glasses from select online retailers.

Results You Can Trust

  • Our patented technology was developed at MIT and enhanced by EyeQue engineers.
  • Our products are registered as FDA Class 1 medical devices.
  • Tens of thousands of customers have completed more than 150,000 tests using our technology in the past
    three years alone.
  • A large majority of people report they see the same or better with their EyeGlass Numbers® than with
    their previous prescription, based on a recent survey.
  • Our devices are manufactured in accordance with FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.
  • Award-winning, powerful solutions – all without leaving the safety and comfort of home.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why Clear Vision is Only Part of the Story

When it comes to your comprehensive eye health, clear vision is only part of the story. There are many eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts that cannot be determined without a physical exam.

Please visit your eye doctor at least once every two years or more often if recommended.


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