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Create an Account & Subscribe

  • Go to, click on Sign In to create your account.
  • Your EyeQue Insight includes a one year free subscription for one individual.
  • Buy additional subscriptions for others who will be using the device. Your subscription can
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Download the Free App

Visit the App Store or Google Play and be sure to download the myEyeQue app for the EyeQue Insight.

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Take a Test

  • Get acquainted with your EyeQue Insight using the in-app tutorials and practice tests.
  • Use the onboard pupillary distance (PD) estimator to set the optics of the screener.
  • Choose kids or adults mode.
  • Test your visual acuity, color sensitivity, and contrast sensitivity.
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Review Your Results

  • Your visual acuity results tell if you’re seeing 20/20–20/400 with each eye independently and with both eyes together.
  • Results of color blindness test indicate color deficiency level and type: tritanopia, deuteranopia, protanopia.
  • Results of contrast sensitivity test indicate your ability to discern varying shades of light and dark.
  • You can save and access your results in the app or online at anytime.

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