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What’s this test based on?

The EyeQue color vision test, built on the principles of the Ishihara Test, an industry standard for assessing color vision, continues to accurately detect red-green color deficiencies. This comprehensive test effectively detects all three primary types of color blindness.

1. Ishihara, S. (1960). Tests for color blindness.
2. Birch J. Efficiency of the Ishihara test for identifying red-green color deficiency. Ophthalmic Physiol Opt. 1997 Sep;17(5):403-8. PMID: 9390366.

Color Blind

Test Instructions

In the picture with the small colorful dots, find a number from 0 to 9.

Click the button that matches the number you see.

Tip - Wear your corrective lenses for best results.
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