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Countdown to CES: We’re So Excited and We Just Can’t Hide It.

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EyeQue Team

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November 11, 2016


A few weeks ago we learned that we had earned a prestigious award from the CTA organization, you know, the folks that
run the Consumer Electronics Show? We were thrilled to receive the news and celebrated quietly with a team lunch and
then quickly got back to work.

Yesterday, in conjunction with the CES Unveiled event held in New York, we issued a press release that calmly stated
our award-winning status for the
EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker™.

But can I let you in on a secret? We’re ecstatic to have won this award. Several of us here in EyeQue headquarters
have spent many years and many tech-company lifetimes developing cutting edge products that would change the way
people work or play, or both.

We’ve submitted for CES awards in the past and collectively have won some. So we know, first hand, how difficult it
is to impress the judges and break through the noise. It takes more than a great idea or impressive industrial
design. It takes more than eloquent words to describe how a new consumer product stands apart from others in a
particular market. I’d like to think, at least in several categories, while it takes some combination of all of
those things mentioned, what really impresses the committee, is innovation that will have a significant impact on
people’s lives.


The Personal Vision Tracker ranked highest of all submissions to the Fitness, Sports and Biotech category – a
fiercely competitive category with some amazingly innovative submissions, judging by the
group of honorees who also earned
recognition. To be considered the most impressive technology in a category which is by definition made up of
products built to improve, if not contribute to people’s health and wellness, is incredibly rewarding.

The men and women at EyeQue have been dedicating their days and nights to developing a way for people to enjoy the
basic privilege of seeing clearly. For millions of people around the world, what hinders them from reading,
studying, productively working, and effectively caring for family, is a simple set of corrective glasses – yet for
economic or environmental reasons, they haven’t been able to test or correct their sight. We believe strongly that
vision testing and tracking should be accessible and affordable to everyone.

So thank you CES and CTA for giving us this
proverbial pat on the back.

We’re counting the days until CES where we’ll gleefully share the product with as many of the 160,000 or so people
who choose to stop by and visit us. Whether you wear glasses now or simply want to track your vision overtime, this
thing is cool and you’re going to want one.  Plan to visit us in January but if you can’t wait, sign up to be a beta
tester today or check back for early bird ordering opportunities.

Visit EyeQue at CES, January 5-8, in the Sands Convention Center, booth 45838.

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